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Law School Rankings From Princeton Review

princeton review law school rankings.jpgWhen the Princeton Review Law School Rankings came out last year, I was skeptical of their usefulness. The organization ranks law schools in 11 different categories based on student surveys. This year, 172 law schools were eligible.
Looking at Princeton Review’s list of top ten Best Career Prospects, I remain skeptical:

1. Northwestern
2. Penn
3. Michigan
4. University of Chicago
5. Stanford
6. Boston University
7. Boston College
8. Harvard
9. NYU
10. GULC

Honestly, I’m okay with Harvard being ranked lower than BU or BC in terms of career prospects. I mean, that’s wrong but whatever. I’m okay with NYU placing in the top ten while Columbia does not. Again, probably wrong but no big deal. But — as I said last year — having a list that ranks the ten best law schools for your career that doesn’t include Yale undermines the credibility of the entire list. You’re really telling me that there are ten law schools that are better for your legal career than Yale Law School? That’s just dumb. Maybe next year, Princeton Law will be on the list.
Anyway, after the jump we take a look at some of the other categories.

The “Toughest to Get Into” law schools largely comports with the U.S. News law school rankings list.
This year, I hope people considering law school are just thinking about it for the experience — instead of hoping to be employable after three years. So I was particularly interested in the Best Quality of Life top ten:

1. UVA
2. Stanford
3. Chapman
4. University of St. Thomas
5. Colorado
6. Vanderbilt
7. NYU
8. Oregon
9. Northwestern
10. George Washington

With apologies to Chapman and St. Thomas — two schools I know nothing about — that top ten sounds about right to me. And it seems important that prospective law students think critically about their quality of life for the three years they are in school.
Because their quality of life after graduation is going to involve a lot of debt repayment hardship.
Best 172 Law Schools — 2010 [Princeton Review]
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