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Lawsuit of the Day: I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Ice Cream

Tremayne Durham ice cream killer.JPGThe dispute between Tremayne Durham and Rob Chambers started so innocently. Durham wanted to sell ice cream. Chambers makes ice cream trucks. Durham asked Chambers to make him an ice cream truck. Yay. Who wants a Bomb Pop?
But Durham changed his mind. He asked Chambers to refund him the $18,000 he paid to Chambers for the truck. Chambers demurred. Now Durham is suing Chambers for the money.
But suing Chambers wasn’t Durham’s first effort to recover his losses.
No, Durham’s first plan to get the $18,000 back involved kidnapping Chambers and his friend Adam Calbreath, holding Chambers hostage, and shooting Calbreath to death.
The lawsuit represents “Plan B.” KATU in Portland reports:

Durham still wants his money back, all $18,000 – even after he confessed to murdering Adam Calbreath. Calbreath was someone Chambers considered as a loyal friend. …
Durham is serving 30 years for murdering Calbreath and taking Chambers hostage while shoving a gun in his stomach.
“He had said, ‘Look at what you made me do,'” Chambers recounts. “He said, ‘I’ve been robbing and killing people to get to you.'”

Can you imagine if this guy had actually gone through with his plan to sell frozen treats to children? How would he handle a kid who stiffed him a quarter? “Look what you made me do, I had to bury your mother alive while I was looking for her purse.”
It’d be as if Mr. Softee were suddenly replaced by Pennywise.
This isn’t the first time Durham’s made news. Details after the jump.

Some people might remember the name Tremayne Durham from back from when he pleaded guilty to the murder of Adam Calbreath. His plea deal was (not surprisingly) food-based:

Durham agreed to plead guilty to murder — but only if he could get a break from jail food. The judge agreed and granted Durham a feast of KFC chicken, Popeye’s chicken, mashed potatoes, coleslaw, carrot cake and ice cream.
After Wednesday’s sentencing, Durham was to get the rest of the deal — calzones, lasagna, pizza and ice cream, his defense attorney confirmed. They will pay the tab.

Despite Durham’s established history of psychotic behavior (who gets KFC when Popeye’s is available?), his jailhouse claim against Chambers for the $18,000 has been allowed to proceed, at least temporarily:

Since Chambers did not respond to letters from the court, an arbitrator already has ruled in Durham’s favor. But it’s not over. Chambers plans to be at a hearing Wednesday to face Durham once again, in court.
“I’m not going to be the victim in this anymore,” Chambers said.

We’re all victims here, Mr. Chambers. I may never again be able to listen to this menacing tune with unbridled joy:

Murderer makes headway in suit against hostage [KATU]
Tremayne Durham, 33, Admits To Murder In Exchange For Junk Food [Huffington Post]

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