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The Eyes of the Law: Professor Tom Cruise at Harvard Law School?

Tom Cruise Harvard Law School HLS Above the Law blog.jpgJerry Maguire appeared as a guest lecturer at Harvard Law School last night. A HLS tipster tells us that Professor Bruce Hay invited Tom Cruise to talk to his Entertainment Law class on Monday night.
A most excellent guest, Tom Cruise is quite familiar with lawyers. He’s had legal star turns in The Firm and A Few Good Men. And he’s been involved in lots of litigation, including a suit filed by injured extras in Valkyrie, a RICO lawsuit against him and the Scientologists, and his plaintiff turn in that I’m-not-gay suit. (Insert “you can’t handle the truth” joke here.)
One HLS student sent us a link to this photo from last night. No word on whether or not Cruise jumped up and down on Hay’s lectern.
Our tipster was not in the class, but he did catch a glimpse of Cruise’s getaway.

From our source:

I actually wasn’t in the class, but heard the news via Facebook after the class ended and walked over to the classroom to see if I could get a glimpse. Word was he’s a really nice guy, insisting that everyone have the opportunity to get a picture with him if they want. I just saw him on his way out, where he ran (practically skipped, actually, as if he were boundlessly energetic) to his black Escalade with a number of security personnel.

Hey Hay students, share a bit of your Harvard education with the rest of ATL’s readers. What did you learn from Professor Cruise?
UPDATE: Read more about the Tom Cruise visit at the Harvard Law Record (via ABA Journal).

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