What do the Justice Department, UNC, and law school applicants have in common?

unc courtroom.jpgAll three are finding new uses for the “tools of the Internet.” Here are three recent stories that caught our attention but didn’t warrant full posts:
1. The Justice Department now tweets. Last week, the DOJ revamped its website and joined Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, and Twitter. If you want to stalk Attorney General Eric Holder, you can do that here.
2. UNC law held moot court in the virtual world of Second Life last month. It’s hard not to mock, said one tipster:

You have got to be kidding me. Here’s an idea: do one in real life! Everyone will be sitting at a computer at the same time anyway – why not just have them all sit in the same room, say the UNC mock court room that was built specifically for this purpose, and actually do it in person? I’m not planning on being a litigator, but from all those episodes of Boston Legal I’ve watched I’m pretty sure that speaking is a pretty significant part of the litigation process.
What good could possibly come from this? Learning how to type out pre-prepared questions without being distracted by the naked half raccoon man that inevitably will show up and streak across the courtroom?

We think real-life Playboy bunnies at UNC might prove more distracting.
3. Law school applicants are using social networking sites to cozy up to law school admission officers. According to Kaplan, 48% of law school admission officers surveyed say that they or a fellow admissions officer at their school have received a “friend request” on Facebook or MySpace from applicants. The officers did not reveal whether this helps or hurts applicants’ chances.
And with that, we urge you to keep it real, ATL readers.
Justice Dept. on MySpace, Facebook, Twitter [CNET]
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