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Law Student of the Day: Andrew Blumberg

Andrew_Blumberg_on_Food_Network.jpgDuke University 2L Andrew Blumberg is a “Simpsons Superfan,” a designation that got him an appearance on the “Food Network Challenge” this past weekend. The challenge was to create a cake inspired by the Simpsons episode, “Last Tap Dance in Springfield”. Four “superfans” were paired with professional cake designers to ensure character fidelity in the final creations.
Blumberg was paired with a professional cake designer to craft a Bart Simpson cake. Almost anyone between the ages of 20 and 55 would likely claim the mantle of Simpson fan. How do you qualify as a “superfan”? From Duke Law News:

Qualifying as one of the show’s four “superfans” took more than just logging hours in front of the television, though. “One of the things I said that I think resonated with them was that I incorporate the Simpsons into the rest of my life,” Blumberg says.
Take, for example, the project he has been working on with Duke Law Professor Barak Richman to create a DVD that explains contracts using clips from Simpsons episodes. “That was one of the things that made me stand out from the crowd,” he says.

Mad points for any ATL reader who remembers the name of the stripper character that appeared in just one Simpsons episode (no Googling).
So how did Blumberg do on the show?

bart simpson.jpgThe contest was judged by Yeardley Smith, the voice of Lisa Simpson. Blumberg manged to impress her.
He led his cake designer, BethAnn Goldberg, to victory, helping her win the $10,000 grand prize. And this wasn’t just a pro bono deed. From the News and Observer:

Andrew told us later that while technically, BethAnn was the winner of the $10,000, she was kind enough to share a portion with him.

Hopefully Blumberg can make more money off his Simpsons’ knowledge. He doesn’t seem too optimistic about what he can do with a law degree from Duke:

“I’m finally getting to use my only marketable skill,” the second-year law student said, “which is Simpsons knowledge.”

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