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UT Law Has the Most Depressing Job Posting Ever

Babysitters club texas law school job.jpgI understand that “most depressing job posting” is a strong statement. The job market is awful and I’m sure that there are terrible listings that I have not seen. But I stand by my headline. As of Friday the 13th, November 2009, this is the most depressing “legal” job that I’ve seen offered to qualified law students.
From the UT Law career services offices:

Employer: The Ansari Law Firm
Title: Legal Assistant/Nanny

That’s right UT law students. You are now being offered a job that you were probably qualified to perform when you were fifteen years old.
Reactions and the full job listing after the jump.

The Ansari Law Firm is an Austin firm that specializes in immigration and citizenship law. And they’re looking for legal help that can double as a nanny. I have a ton of jokes here, but they are all racist.
But you know what is particularly terrible? The nanny position is one of UT’s featured “jobs of the week.” A nanny job. Offered, nay, “highlighted” to students at the 15th best law school in the country. Welcome to the suck, boys.
A tipster has this wry report:

It starts in January, which could be a problem for 3Ls graduating in May, but only a college degree is required. Why graduate when opportunities like this await? Kind of like when Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard. Don’t turn a huge sunk cost into a huge opportunity cost.

Here’s the full listing:

Description: I am a busy immigration attorney and new mother in need of an assistant to function as a part-time legal assistant and nanny. Duties include answering and returning phone calls; scheduling appointments; filing and other general office assistance, including preparing copies, faxes, and mailings; running errands; and helping to care for a four-month-old infant. The position begins January 4, 2010. Required work hours are four hours every morning Monday – Friday.
College degree and excellent verbal and written communication skills required. Must be well-organized, reliable, and detail-oriented. Must be proficient in Microsoft Office applications and have reliable transportation and a cell phone. Experience with immigration case management software a plus.
Please e-mail cover letter, resume, and three references to For information about me and my law firm, go to Babysitters Club.”
You know, if you end up having to take that job, UT Law should refund you at least a year’s tuition.

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