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Nixon Peabody Deferral Extension: Can Somebody Check A Calendar?

Nixon Peabody logo.JPGDear law firms:
It is December 15th. Christmas is ten days away. January 4th is a mere 20 days away.
I bring this up because some of you seem to be having trouble with the Gregorian calendar. Some of you have incoming associates that are set to start at your firm on January 4th or soon thereafter. These incoming associates have already been deferred by your firm.
Perhaps you have the desire to defer these people again? Sorry, but you missed your chance. It’s too late. You should have deferred them (again) sooner. To do so now is just cruel. A lot of these people have signed leases, bought plane tickets, and truncated holiday plans — as you would expect of good employees.
Evidently calendar mastery is not something that can be taught on the fly. So just take my word for it. It is too late to defer January starters again. It’s time to suck it up, clear out some office space, and get your pro bono partner on the ball. Trust me.
Your friend,
Common sense and basic decency.
The above message came too late to help incoming Nixon Peabody associates, but maybe we can teach other firms that mistreating incoming associates is wrong.
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On Sunday, Above the Law received this note from an incoming Nixon Peabody associate:

How about a story about firms that have yet to tell their deferred associates (to start in Jan.) what’s the deal?
Nixon Peabody hasn’t said a word, and other firms are doing the same thing.

When I received this email, I thought “Uh oh, you are so not a winner.”
So I did a little poking around. Late last night, a source reported:

Nixon’s hiring partner called its incoming class today and informed them that 1/3 of the class would be starting in January 2010. The other 2/3 are going to be deferred indefinitely and they will try to be phased in quarterly and will be paid a stipend. There was no information given on the stipend amount. Nixon waited until December 14 to say this. Unbelievable.

Unbelievable. It is truly, unbelievable, that a firm could not get its act together to figure out how many people it wants to work for them in January. January. I’ve bought food for my dog for January already. How could Nixon not know what it was going to do with two thirds of its incoming class until last night? That is just ridiculous.
Are there other firms that are even more delinquent than Nixon? Who is supposed to start in January yet still can’t get their firm on the phone?
I mean, we’re almost at the point where somebody is going to show up at work on January 4th only to have a hiring partner say “Oh sh**. Sorry, I completely forgot that you existed. Umm … you are like, deferred, again. Please go home.”
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