Non-Sequiturs 12.02.09

* This is going to be the funniest thing you see all day. [Legal Blog Watch via The Volokh Conspiracy]

* Now I get the draw of Scientology. You get your own slave. [Courthouse News Service]
* Just because you’re not working as a lawyer doesn’t mean you can’t still have a lot of fun. [Legal Nomads]
* T’ai chi can help a defense lawyer bring perspective to his practice. That’s pretty cool. I practice the ancient art of screaming as loud as I can until blood starts pouring out of my ears. You know, whatever works. [Underdog]
* So, all those firms that have opened offices in Dubai are still golden, right? [Am Law Daily]
* Just to be clear, they take the Sabbath very seriously in Israel. [Transracial]

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