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Proof That Duke Deserved Douchiest Title?

douche douchebag small.jpgDuke Law School dominated our Douchiest Law School contest earlier this year, beating out Harvard to take home the title.
At the time, some complained that Duke Law and Duke’s undergrad population were being conflated. [Ed. note: As a Duke ’03 grad, Kash is mildly offended by that argument.]
One commenter wrote:

Does no one understand that Duke law is way way way way different than Duke undergrad!?!?!? WTF … I went to Duke undergrad and hated just about every person there; however, Duke law students are a pretty cool and laid-back bunch. ATL readers are pretty dumb if they don’t get the difference.

This is a fairly abstract claim. How do you define a douche? How do you determine who is “douchier” or compare “douchiness”? Is the concept captured by what Justice Stewart said about hard-core pornography — you know it when you see it?
An ATL reader was kind enough to send us concrete photographic evidence with which to judge. Exhibit A from the Duke Law library, and a poll, after the jump.

This photo was taken at Duke Law Library this month:
The photographer explains:

Over the past few days, the Duke Law library has been inundated with all manner of non-law students (primarily undergrads, it would seem). Law students tend to resent this trespass, as it makes the library even louder and more crowded than it would otherwise be during this stressful time. But, of course, nobody is willing to take up the issue with the law school administration or the undergrads directly. Instead, true to form, law students fall back on the passive-aggressive tactics that they have dutifully nurtured over the course of their legal education. This morning I found a hefty stack of paper near the printer, which an undergrad had apparently printed out for an Art History course. Some anonymous law student had taken it upon himself to reprimand the wasteful intruder.

ATL readers, you have your evidence. Now tell us, in this scenario, who is douchier?

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