The Deep End Premieres Tonight, and We’ll Be Watching

Deep End Live blog Marin.JPGIf you’re like most Biglaw attorneys, your days as a first-year associate were some of the best days of your life. The rush of arguing in court with no supervision. The tawdry office romances with beautiful, lonely seventh-years. The 6 p.m. happy hours where you and five of your hard-bodied colleagues sat around O’Neil’s sipping brewskis and bitching about how the firm was taking over your lives. Good times, man. Good friggin’ times.
Luckily, ABC is giving us another chance to relive these glory days with the premiere of The Deep End, a dramedy about a bunch of first-years at an L.A. firm called “Sterling.” The previews show two female associates changing shirts in the middle of the office, a dude waking up after sex, and people throwing paper at each other. That the show promises a laser-accurate, real-life portrayal is beyond question.
I hope you’ll join me as I liveblog the show tonight, starting at 8 p.m. ET, 7 p.m. CT. We’ll put up a post here at around 7:30 that will contain a dialog box. To access the liveblog, click the box. You can comment on the side of the box in real time and if I publish your comment, it will appear in the feed. So join me tonight, won’t you, as we crack open an ice cold beverage and tear this show a new one.
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