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ATL Caption Contest Winner: Somewhere Over the Rainbow

This was the photo we gave you for our latest caption contest:
rainbow office view somewhere over the rainbow.JPG
The backstory behind the photo and the winning submisson, after the jump.

The photo, as some of you guessed in the comments, was taken in the offices of a major Los Angeles law firm. Given the California location, the Prop 8 caption (choice C) was quite apropos.
But it was not the winner. The victorious caption, with 20.9 percent of the vote, was:

Tipsters have confirmed that the contents of the pot of gold have been reduced by 10% and will not be given to half of the people who found it in 2009.

Congratulations to the winner. If that’s you, feel free to email us (subject line: “Caption Contest Winner”), and tell us the IP address you used to post the comment. If it matches up with what’s in our records, we’ll send you an ATL prize pack (a t-shirt and a gavel-shaped stress ball).
Honorable mention goes to the alternate lyrics to “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” (choice H), which finished a close second (20.6 percent of the vote). You can also email us and request a prize pack.
Thanks to everyone who submitted captions, as well as the 3,000 of you who voted!
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ATL Caption Contest: Somewhere Over the Rainbow

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