Law Student of the Day: Adrielle Churchill

Adrielle Churchhill Miss USA University of Arkansas.jpgAdrielle Churchill is not just “law school hot.” The third-year student at the University of Arkansas School of Law was recently crowned Miss Arkansas USA.

It’s a good thing she’s a 3L and that exams don’t matter, since she’ll be competing for the national title this May in Las Vegas. There’s some synergy in practicing law and winning beauty pageants, according to Churchill:

“The law school community has been incredibly supportive of pageants,” says Churchill, who is also the current president of the Student Bar Association. “The public speaking skills you learn in pageants are immeasurable, even though we ‘pageant girls’ are always the first to try wearing four-inch heels to a trial,” she laughs.

Perhaps that’s why she’s not the first law student / beauty queen to grace these pages. Remember Kumari Fulbright, who went from beauty queen to law student to convicted felon? (Or, for less problematic examples of law students who entered the pageant world, see our prior post, McKee Nelson to… Boob Cups? Plus a digression on beauty queens in the law.)

Another photo of Churchill, and an even better benefit of pageants, after the jump.

Adrielle_Churchill.jpgGiven the legal hiring market these days, it’s good to have other employment options:

The title of Miss Arkansas USA will provide Churchill with several modeling opportunities as well as the chance to participate in photo shoots with numerous fashion photographers.

Better than that, Churchill says she has no law school debt, thanks to her pageantry:

“When people ask me why I do pageants, I tell them that pageant participation completely paid for my three years of law school,” Churchill points out.

A beauty queen and soon-to-be lawyer, with no student loan debt? Sounds like a winner to us.

We wish her luck in Vegas, and advise against making any home-made movies in the near future.

Law Student Wins Miss Arkansas USA Pageant [University of Arkansas School of Law]
More Photos of Adrielle Churchill [Google Image Search]

Earlier: McKee Nelson to… Boob Cups? (Plus a digression on beauty queens in the law.)

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