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Special Election in Massachusetts Redux

matt maguire.jpgMassachusetts had another special election this week, though on a smaller scale than the Scott Brown — Martha Coakley Senate race of last month. A member of the Law Student Association (LSA) at Boston College Law School stepped down unexpectedly this month. Polls were open on Monday and Tuesday to elect a new member of the BC Law’s student government.
We hear that there were quite a few contenders for the seat, but one 2L stood out from the rest. From a BC Law tipster:

Normally, no one cares about LSA — they are seen as a group that gives us two free beers once a month at a bar. But for some reason, this kid has been on an all-out assault for the seat.

Matt Maguire was inspired by Scott Brown and ran a similar populist campaign:

He has mirrored Scott Brown’s Senate campaign — running against the “establishment” and using a lot of buzzwords (“I drive a truck,” “the peoples’ seat,” “cutting through the red tape” etc.).

It makes sense. Brown, after all, is a BC Law grad. While Brown was at BC Law, he posed naked in the pages of Cosmopolitan Magazine’s 1982 issue. This, too, provided inspiration for Maguire’s campaign. The scandalous campaign poster is barely SFW (Safe for Work), so we’re putting it below the fold…

When now-Senator Scott Brown was a 22-year-old law student, he won Cosmopolitan Magazine’s “America’s Sexiest Man” contest and did a steamy centerfold photo shoot.
Brown-in-the-buff inspired current BC Law student Matt Maguire to create this campaign flier which he posted around the law school:
BC Law Matt Maguire Scott Brown photoshop.jpg
Well, we now know that Maguire has decent photoshop skills and a nice smile. But we won’t know what kind of student government rep he would make. His campaign was not as successful as Brown’s. He was disqualified for violating election rules.
Senator Is the Centerfold [Cosmopolitan Magazine]
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