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Update: Jersey Shore Fans, Rejoice! Judge Will Not Block DVD Release.

ronnie ortiz-magro jersey shore.jpgWe reported this morning that a victim of a Jersey Shore beatdown was trying to prevent the Tuesday DVD release of the popular MTV reality series. Stephen Izzo, Jr., 26, was attacked by Ronnie “Don’t fall in love at Jersey Shore” Ortiz-Magro during the show’s first season.
In the episode, Ronnie bragged that he knocked Izzo down with “one shot.” But then Ronnie got knocked down — with a charge for aggravated assault.
Izzo’s lawyer asked a judge to block the Jersey Shore season one DVD release tomorrow because “the law prohibits people from profiting from a criminal case.”
New Jersey Superior Court Judge Joseph L. Foster did not fist pump to that claim….

The Asbury Park Press reports that the judge refused to block the DVD’s release:

Stephen Izzo Jr., who was knocked unconscious on-air by one of the show’s cast members, “failed to demonstrate any financial or irreparable harm” he would be caused by the release of the DVD box set of the first season of the reality show or the continued airing of its episodes, said Superior Court Judge Joseph L. Foster.
“The court fails to find any discernible harm to any degree should any one of the episodes be aired,” Foster said.

Izzo’s lawyer claimed that the episodes “showed scenes that were edited out of context and portrayed Izzo in a false light as the aggressor.” So the hearing featured an airing of an uncut version of the DVD, which included quite a bit of cursing.
Judge Foster issued his opinion from the bench, saying that Izzo would not be recognized because the producers had blurred out his face. (Though thanks to this legal maneuver, we all now know who he is.) Izzo is not happy with the ruling:

Calling the judge’s ruling “a joke,” Izzo said afterward, “Everybody knew it was me. My tattoos are clear (in the television footage).”

Classy. That’s the Shore, baby.
The case is not closed yet:

Foster set March 19 for the parties to be back in court. At that time, attorneys for MTV will be asked to argue why the judge should not issue an injunction prohibiting further airing or dissemination of the episodes.

Judging from his Facebook fan page, Ronnie is not worried.
Judge refuses to block Tuesday’s release of “Jersey Shore” box set [Asbury Park Press]
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