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Vacation Memo: Elie’s Annual Winter Gambling Extravaganza

Elie Six Train Vacation.JPGLast year at this time, I took a winter break to visit sunny Las Vegas. Everything went well until a drunk Irishman pushed all in with A-Q, against my A-K wired. He flopped a queen, two days’ worth of winnings evaporated, and I tried to commit suicide via the MGM Grand lion enclosure.
This year, I’m taking no such chances, and staying away from the City of Sin. Instead I’ll be heading to a much more wholesome place. With casinos. And strippers. But no lions.
I’d tell you where, but a recent subway experience has me gun shy about giving out my GPS coordinates on the internet….

You Know Who You Are: Are you that guy from Above the Law?

Elie: Yes.

[conversation about ATL ensues]

You Know Who You Are: I have to say, don’t let the haters get you down.

Elie: Thanks.

You Know Who You Are: I mean, you’re not nearly as fat as I thought you’d be.

It’s, umm, nice to have fans?
Of course, less Elie means more Lat and more Kash. As always, they’ll be breaking interesting stories and adding biting commentary. I’ll be leaving behind my little red “Guide to Blogging,” but I doubt they’ll use it. Should be fun.
Don’t forget to send your story ideas, interesting information, and thread requests into I’ll catch you guys ’round the bend.

(hidden for your protection)

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