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Adam Reposa’s ‘Bulletproof’ Business Card

Reposa.jpgTexas attorney Adam Reposa is not shy about singing his own praises. The man registered with the State Bar as “Bulletproof,” after all. He’s not jailproof, though. He was slapped with contempt of court charges for making the “jerk-off gesture” within sight of the judge, and sentenced to 90 days in prison.
After we posted our call for lawyerly business cards, someone sent Reposa’s along:

I’ve attached a copy of Texas attorney Adam Reposa’s business card — a friend of mine got it at a bar last year. I’m not sure if it’s clever — it probably violates 4 or 5 Texas Rules of Professional Conduct — but it is hilarious.

Adam T. Reposa business card side one.jpg
Check out the flip side of the card, which is just as egregious….

Adam T. Reposa business card side two copy.jpg
We can’t vouch for Reposa’s history of success in client matters. But we must point out that he did manage to get his own 90-day jail sentence shaved down to less than two weeks. He went to jail on February 2 and was released on February 12 (to serve the rest of his sentence at home).
His winning strategy? Knocking up his girlfriend.
If you’re aware of another clever lawyer business card, feel free to email it to us (subject line: “Clever Business Card”).
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