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ATL Courtship Connection: Colin Farrell Goes to the Wrong Grey Dog

Thumbnail image for Courtship connection.jpgThe Courtship Connections — Above the Law’s amateur stab at matchmaking New York legal types — continue. Three dates were set for this week. The first of those took place Monday evening.
You may remember that our first matchmaking attempt fell flat. I blamed Elie, who had a hand in that match. Married people tend to give bad dating advice, after all.
This time around, we were dealing with a gay couple, so I let Lat do the matching. He threw two Biglaw men at each other — one over 30, one under 30. Lat’s approach wasn’t terribly scientific. Though we’ve asked our “L-date” participants to tell us everything from their favorite legal character to their favorite law school class, Lat matched these two because he thought “they both looked cute.”
Maybe it worked. We sent them to Grey Dog Cafe in the Village. Reports our Biglaw cougar:

So… He was twenty minutes late, but I forgave that because a) he accidentally went to the wrong instance of the right place; b) it wasn’t that cold outside; and c) he bought my coffee to make up for it, which was not necessary, but sweet. Quite attractive. We had a fun, wide-ranging conversation, about our law firms, art, music, travel, and more, with just a few awkward first-date silences. I feel like I probably talked too much, and he seemed a bit disinterested at times, but I’m fairly confident that we’ll mesh better over time. Definite dating potential. Thanks, ATL!

So, was it a successful match from the younger guy’s point of view?

Colin Farrell Courtship Connection gay kiss.jpg
Maybe. From the second party to the date:

he was totally cute, smart, and funny, and we had a great time sharing war stories and talking about all the stuff we like to do outside of work and wish we had more time to do. he told me i looked like colin farrell which of course made my day. i’m not sure it was a love connection, but we exchanged numbers and will probably hang out again.

So it wasn’t love at first sight, but it sounds like there’s some possibility there. Getting two lawyers to make an emotional connection is not easy work, but it looks like Lat is more qualified for Patti Stanger’s job than Elie.
A report of my skill with Cupid’s arrow is coming soon…
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