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Career Alternatives for Laid-off Attorneys: The Apprentice Wants You!

Are you desperate enough to apply?

Donald Trump is in the market for a lawyer, and if you’re unemployable, laid-off, or suffering because of the recession, you might just be the attorney for him. The next iteration of “The Apprentice” will be devoted to recession refugees, and the producers are looking to cast some legal types.

If your world has been rocked by the recession, maybe it’s time to seek out a reality TV gig. You could try to get on a game show for a one-time payout — like the UC Hastings grad who will be applying her Wheel of Fortune winnings toward her student loans — or you could try to get on a show that promises full-time employment a one-year contract to its winner. Assuming that you fare better than lawyer-turned-Playboy model Kristine Lefebvre, a loser from The Apprentice: Los Angeles.

An “Apprentice” rep tells us:

We are very interested in laid-off lawyers. Even lawyers that might have their own firm, but maybe business has suffered since the recession. As long as the downturn in the economy has affected them in one way or another, we can consider them.

The show will be filming for six weeks in May, June and July. Details on applying and a look back at reality TV winners with JDs, after the jump.

You can apply by sending a photo, resumé and bio to Gina Gonzalez at, noting that you were sent along by Above the Law. Make sure to sex it up in your photo. After all, everybody likes attractive people — especially reality television producers.

We would love for one of you to make the cut as we derive much pleasure from the reality TV beat. We’ve written about many lawyerly reality TV stars, though few have actually triumphed.

As many lawyers know, winning is all that matters. Here are the cream of the reality TV crop. If you do manage to get on a reality TV show, research the strategies these lawyers employed:

  1. Yul Kwon: a Yale grad, who clerked on the 2nd Circuit, and won Survivor: Cook Islands. He’s now trying to survive the piranhas in Washington, as a deputy chief at the FCC.
  2. Victor and Tammy Jih: these Biglaw siblings — he’s a partner at O’Melveny and she’s an associate at Quinn Emanuel — won a million dollars on The Amazing Race.
  3. Jeremy Anderson: The SMU Law grad and Dallas real estate attorney didn’t win, but holds the record for longest-lasting attorney candidate on The Bachelorette. He’s at Hunton & Williams these days; we wonder if he has a billing code for tweeting?

More info on a possible apprenticeship with “The Donald” below.


Donald Trump wants to put America back to work!

“The Apprentice” is ready to resume its celebrated search to find the best minds in America at a time when employment opportunities are scarce.

* Are you a business professional that has recently been laid off?

* Are you a long-term unemployed executive who is having a hard time finding a job?

* Are you a college grad that can’t find a job because of the recession?

* Are you working at a job you may be overqualified for just to survive the downturn?

If you are a business professional who was affected by the recession and ready to work again, then we want to hear from you! People of all ages are encouraged to apply, from the newest college grad to the more experienced over-40s who have been hit hard by this economy.

Prospective executive who feel they have the skills and drive to become “The Apprentice” can come meet us at one of our nation-wide open calls. You can find all the info at You can also apply by e-mailing Please submit a recent picture, updated resume and a brief personal and professional biography explaining how the recession has affected your employment, lifestyle and family. We are looking for real stories from outstanding business professionals who have been affected by this challenging economy and want a chance to turn it around!

8am – Wristbands distributed
9am – Interviews begin

Thursday April 1st
725 Fifth Avenue at 56th Street
New York, NY 10022

Thursday April 1st
TRUMP International Hotel
2000 Fashion Show Dr. (Salon A)
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Wednesday April 7th
Uptown Birmingham 8
211 S.Old Woodward Ave.
Birmingham, MI 48009

Wednesday April 7th
Marriott Buckhead Hotel & Conference Center
3405 Lenox Rd. NE
Atlanta, GA 30326

Saturday April 17th
Beverly Garland’s Holiday Inn
422 Vineland Ave.
Hollywood, CA 91602

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