Guantanamo Bay, Morning Docket

Morning Docket 03.04.10

the-hurt-locker.jpg* Good news: There’s going to be lots of in-house hiring. Bad news: It’ll probably lead to Biglaw firing. [Corporate Counsel]
* Sounds like this guy was thinking with his cock instead of his noggin. [Courthouse News Service]
* Liz Cheney attacks Eric Holder’s “Department of Jihad” for harboring terrorist sympathizers, i.e., attorneys who argued on behalf of Guantanamo detainees before the Supreme Court. [True/Slant]
* I like old people. Elie doesn’t. After we debated law firms’ mandatory retirement policies, we polled you; Elie’s position is winning with a narrow lead. Ashby Jones is on my side when it comes to law firm partners, but thinks federal judges should get booted at 85. [WSJ Law Blog]
* Early birds get the worm. Late birds get jail time? [Royal Oak Daily Tribune]
* Beware the overeager paralegal. [Boston Globe]
* Former AIG general counsel Anastasia Kelly quit after the U.S. pay czar insisted on pay limits for the financial giant. Now, she’s going to check out the merit-based model at DLA Piper. [Business Week]
* Hurt, indeed. The staff seargeant who inspired the Playboy article that inspired Hurt Locker’s screenplay has filed a multimillion dollar lawsuit for misappropriation of name and likeness; invasion of privacy; breach of contract; infliction of emotional distress; fraud; and negligent misrepresentation. [The Wrap]

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