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New Law School Faculty Rankings

world college rankings.JPGBrian Leiter — outspoken critic of the profession’s obsession with the U.S. News law school rankings — is working on a new study about the strength of law school faculties. Here’s how he describes it:

We’ll be posting soon a new study of the scholarly impact of law faculties at the ranking site which looks at citations to faculty scholarship for the period 2004-through very early 2010. The top ten (factoring in per capita mean and median impact), with their normalized score in parentheses, are as follows:

Looking at the numbers: there’s Yale, and then there’s everybody else …

Here’s the top five legal faculties according to Leiter’s numbers — with their scores on Leiter’s scale:

1. Yale University (100)
2. Harvard University (87)
3. University of Chicago (84)
4. Stanford University (74)
5. New York University (65)

I can already hear Columbia professors disagreeing with Leiter’s methodology.
The only schools outside of the traditional U.S. News top-14 in Leiter’s top ten are the new UC-Irvine and the venerable Vanderbilt. Go Commodores.
Leiter also notes that Florida State cracked his top 25.
Click on the link below to see all of Leiter’s numbers.
New Scholarly Impact Study Forthcoming [Brian Leiter’s Law School Reports]

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