Non-Sequiturs 03.30.10

* I don’t think they’ll make a Fugitive type movie about this Boston guy accused of stealing video game code. “A one-armed man — with really spindly and dexterous fingers — took the code.” [Kotaku]

* The distinctive plight of the overqualified unemployed. [The Atlantic Wire]

* SCOTUS unanimously smacks down Chief Judge Easterbrook. [Conglomerate]

* Great, now companies are outsourcing in-house legal work to India. [Legally India]

* A judge throws down with Eric Holder over state secrets. [Politico]

* Posting reams of text on the back of a bus has to be an attractive nuisance that leads to traffic accidents. [Copyranter]

* I guess you can look at the World Cup as one big tax bubble. That bites for the host country, but I suppose it’s nice for the fans. [Tax Prof Blog]

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