March 2010

  • Associate Bonus Watch 2009, Associate Salaries, Chapman and Cutler

    Chapman and Cutler Brings Next Year’s Bonus News Today

    Late last week, Chicago based Chapman & Cutler released its 2009 bonus news. It’s not that impressive. But the firm also previewed what it will pay in bonuses for 2010. It’s … not that impressive. A tipster reports: [T]his year the vast majority of associates did not receive any bonus whatsoever. So apples to apples, […]

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  • Eric Holder, Fenwick & West, Morning Docket

    Morning Docket 03.16.10

    Ed. note: We apologize for the late docket. Technical difficulties, rather than oversleeping, are to blame. * Yale Law School student Michael Seringhaus wants to put your DNA in a national database. [New York Times] * Judge goes heavy on the prison time and light on the restitution for the man who peephole video-taped ESPN […]

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  • Non-Sequiturs

    Non-Sequiturs: 03.15.10

    * If Legally Blonde makes your list of Top Five Movies “about the law” you kind of deserve to be beaten about the face and neck. [It’s Just Movies] * … Instead, check out “The Good Wife” which is really knocking out some quality programming. Or, as many readers have pointed out, last week’s Modern […]

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  • SCOTUS, Supreme Court

    The Supreme Spouses

    In our recent caption contest, there were quite a few captions that alluded to the members of the Supreme Court being in bed with conservatives. As we reported this morning, Clarence Thomas is most definitely in bed with a conservative. Ginni Thomas is the President and CEO of the newly launched 501(c)(4), Liberty Central Inc., […]

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  • Bar Exams, Law Schools, Student Loans

    The College of Law — London, Makes Move in U.S. Market

    Do you want to sit for the New York Bar Exam without spending three years in an American law school? Now you can. But you’re not going to be saving a whole lot of time, and we’re not sure if you’re going to be saving any money. The Lawyer reports that the College of Law […]

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  • Courtship Connection

    ATL Courtship Connection: “Good Luck To You”

    Here at Above the Law, we’re experts at bringing you breaking legal news. For a change of pace, we decided to try something in which we don’t necessarily have expertise: matchmaking. We invited single New Yorkers to hand their dating lives over to us and had over 160 people take us up on the invitation. […]

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  • Gambling / Gaming, Shameless Plugs, This Is an Ad

    Poker: What Lawyers Can Learn About Bankers at the Table

    Thanks again to the people at Caesar’s Atlantic City, Harrah’s, and the people at Stockings and Bonds for inviting me to their poker tournament over the weekend. I didn’t win, mainly because God hates me. But I didn’t embarrass myself either. I finished 20th out of 91 players. And I learned some important lessons about […]

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  • ACLU, Gay, Law Schools

    Hate Abounds at University of Idaho College of Law

    The administration at the University of Idaho, College of Law, is dealing with a spate of hate inspired incidents. The news coming out from Idaho is all fairly grotesque; federal authorities have been alerted to the potentially dangerous problems on campus. In an email to all Idaho law students, associate dean Elizabeth Brandt explains that […]

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  • Law Schools, Money, Student Loans

    Hypocrisy on Stilts: Law School Professor Calls Out Trade Schools Over Student Debt

    There was an article in the New York Times this weekend that jumped off the page and kind of smacked me in the mouth. The headline reads: “The New Poor — In Hard Times, Lured Into Trade School and Debt” Oh, the New York Times is finally starting to notice law schools that are profiteering […]

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  • Clarence Thomas, Politics, SCOTUS, Supreme Court

    Mrs. Clarence Thomas Hosts Her Own Tea Party

    When we’ve heard in the past about Virginia Lamp Thomas, the wife of Justice Clarence Thomas, it was usually as his fellow RV road warrior. But Ginni Thomas is now much more high-profile. The Los Angeles Times reported this weekend that she has launched Liberty Central Inc., a conservative non-profit inspired by the Tea Party […]

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  • Morning Docket

    Morning Docket 03.15.10

    * Justice John Paul Stevens hedges on retiring this year. [New Yorker via BLT] * If Obama were to follow in Roosevelt’s footsteps in his battle with the Supreme Court, he would propose upping The Nine to The Fifteen… [New York Times] * …and the battle is definitely not over yet. [Washington Post] * The […]

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  • Quote of the Day

    Quote of the Day: Digital Rights

    The long arm of the law should not extend to the middle finger. — Ira P. Robbins, criminal law professor at American University – Washington College of Law

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  • Law Shucks, Layoffs

    This Week in Layoffs: 03.14.10

    Ed. note: Above the Law has teamed up with Law Shucks, which has done excellent work translating all of the layoff news into user-friendly charts and graphs: the Layoff Tracker. National jobless news seems to be business as usual. First-time jobless claims fell by 6,000 last week to 462,000. That contributed to a net gain […]

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  • Lawsuit of the Day

    Lawsuit of the Day: Former Model Doesn’t Want to be Lusted After

    A former swimsuit model is offended at the suggestion that men would use her photograph as masturbatory material. And now she’s filing a $10 million lawsuit against NBC Universal for “great humiliation, embarrassment, emotional distress, shame, mortification and injury to her reputation and career” because an old photo of her was used as such fodder […]

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  • Non-Sequiturs

    Non-Sequiturs 03.12.10

    * Should footage of Tilikum — the serial killer whale — attacking a Sea World trainer ever be shown? [Business Insider] * Toyota Prius: friend or foe? [Washington Examiner] * Remember the Henry Markopolos quote “They’re overlawyered. They’re poisoned by lawyers.” Well, Columbia Law Professor John Coffee has quite a comeback. [Big Debt, Small Law] […]

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  • Associate Salaries, Salary Cuts

    Katten Salary Follow-Up: Pay Raise If You Hit Hours, Salary Cut If You Did Not

    Last week, we told you that Katten Muchin was delaying its decision on associate salaries. The firm finally got around to telling people how much they’re paid this week, and we can see why there was a long delay. See, when you try to do 1,001 different things all that same time, it gets pretty […]

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  • Fashion, Feminism, Gender, Women's Issues

    Biglaw Women, You Will Not Get Help with Your Make-Up

    Yesterday, Elie got his panties in a bunch about the New York City Bar event: Dressing for Success: Fashion Sense for the Workplace. The event — aimed at women — was to be led by Eve Pearl, a “celebrity makeup artist and fashion consultant” who would talk about “how to project a professional image.” Elie […]

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  • Caption Contests

    ATL/New Yorker Caption Contest Finalists: In Bed with SCOTUS

    This week’s New Yorker caption contest features a cartoon depicting The Nine. The cartoon gets even further under their robes than Lat ever has. We couldn’t get permission to post it, but it shows the high court taking a position that can only be described as post-coital. Check it out here. We were disappointed in […]

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