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The Eyes of the Law: Justices Souter and Sotomayor

David Souter Justice David H Souter David Hackett Souter.jpgJustice David H. Souter may be gone from the Supreme Court, but he has not been forgotten. He still gets recognized in public, for example. From an ATL reader in Beantown:

After a day of toil for a client adamantly opposed to paying for nighttime cab rides home, I walked to Boston’s Park Street subway station. A little before 10:00 PM last night, as I turned the corner at the turnstiles, I saw an impeccably dressed man in a form-fitting suit and a red tie. Turns out it was Justice David Souter, in Boston for some pinch-hitting on the First Circuit.

So what did our tipster do next?

I approached him and had a brief, exceedingly-pleasant conversation. I thanked him for his years of service, to which he replied he needed no thanks because he had “the greatest job in the world.”

Great, friendly, unassuming, approachable guy… whom no one else noticed, even though he was in the station for at least 20 minutes. Although I understand he prefers rustic to ragin’, he did seem to deeply enjoy the busker in the T station. Unfortunately for him, his personal concert was eventually overrun by a number of Bruins fans returning from a disappointing night at the Garden.

Meanwhile, Souter’s successor, Justice Sonia Sotomayor — who is known for going out on the town — was spotted over the weekend dining out with gal pals at one of the city’s 100 best restaurants. From a D.C. area tipster, shortly before 10 p.m. on Saturday night:

Sotomayor just rolled in to Rays the Classics with her crew of ladies. Chowing down on big steaks.

More details:

Ten women. Sotomayor was in a black coat. She ordered a big steak and wine was flowing.

Sonia Sotomayor Justice Sonia Sotomayor eating steak.jpgAn all-girl band? Sounds a bit Belizean Grove.
We’re glad to hear, though, that Justice Sotomayor — who has already confessed her appreciation for pork, “the other white meat” — eats red meat as well. People on her side of the SCOTUS are more likely to eat tofu burgers.
Could the carnivorous Justice Sotomayor turn into a “reverse Souter” someday? Feel free to encourage this by sending her some frozen steaks in the mail: One First Street NE, Washington, DC 20002.
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