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A SCOTUS Joke from The Gap?

Is the clothing mega-retailer following the Supreme Court nomination process?

Check out this photo of a store window here in New York….

We’d suggest that The Gap reach out to the short-listers and offer them free shorts. Wouldn’t Judge Diane Wood look just darling in a pair of these white linen-blend shorts?

Alas, the possible nominees would probably turn down the free clothes, for ethical reasons. Prohibitions against federal government employees endorsing commercial products may have been the reason that one of the short-listers, Solicitor General Elena Kagan, declined to tell Above the Law who designed the pantsuit that she wore to her first oral argument before the Court.

(The Solicitor General did, however, comment to ATL regarding the color of her outfit.)

In any event, we think it’s great that someone at The Gap apparently follows current events. Kudos to the designer of this most honorable window display!

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