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Above the Law Wants to Review Your Revue

Each year, at law schools across the nation, a few brave — some might say foolhardy — students take a break from outlining case law, and set it to music instead. The Annual Law Revue (or whatever it’s called at your law school) allows students to parody the law and life in law school. And now, thanks to the wonder of file-sharing sites, the musical creations last beyond the run of the show, and can be enjoyed (or hated) over and over again on YouTube.

Last year, we held our first ever Law Revue Video Contest, and UVA’s Con Luv video took home the big prize (though it’s unclear if they ever collected their prizes).

We’re holding the contest again this year. Rules after the jump…

Here are the rules:

1. Your video must be online somewhere. Send us the link at with the subject line “Law Revue Video Contest Submission – School Name.” We’ll accept submissions of any videos posted after April 6, 2009 (the deadline for last year’s contest).
2. Send us that submission by Sunday, April 18, at 11:59 PM. That’s not a soft, law school deadline. It’s a hard, law firm deadline. (NO EXCEPTIONS, so don’t even try pleading with us; if you’re reading this post after the deadline, you don’t read ATL enough.)
3. We will accept “studio recordings” of scenes intended for live performance.
4. Your editors here at ATL will make a list of our favorites, the competition finalists, and post them.
5. We will NOT watch videos longer than 5 minutes. Use editing tools, people.
6. Please submit no more than two entries per school (one per school is even better). Try to collaborate with your fellow students and submit no more than two entries. If the leadership of Law Revue can come up with “official” submissions, that would be ideal.
7. ATL readers will then vote to choose the funniest of the finalists. Beyond the glory of ATL contest-winning fame, there will be prizes (to be determined).

Unofficial rules:

A. Please send funny videos only.
B. You have no idea how short our attention spans are. If you use the full five minutes, it best be HILARIOUS.
C. Gratuitous shout-outs to Above the Law are appreciated and encouraged.
D. Your ATL editors represent a diverse spectrum of sexual preference. Dress accordingly.
E. Video quality matters. A shaky clip shot on a handheld from a third-floor balcony is probably not going to make the cut.
F. Don’t make us hate you.


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