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Cardozo OCI Preview Bedeviled by Hot Weather

The weather is seasonal in New York City today, but for most of this week we’ve experienced a little heat wave. Near record high temperatures were recorded throughout the tri-state area.

Apparently, Cardozo Law School was completely unprepared for this spate of summer weather, and it nearly ruined the school’s “OCI Preview” event for 1Ls desperate to snag jobs next recruiting season. Multiple tipsters reported variations on the same theme. I’ll use a version that doesn’t involve cursing: “I pay over $40,000 in tuition yet my law school can’t even turn the A/C on when I’m trying to network for a job.”

It was so bad that Cardozo had to send around an apology to the students for making them network in a sauna. And according to the email, Cardozo truly couldn’t figure out how to simply turn the A/C “on”…

The best part about the email is how Cardozo calls its air conditioning system “state-of-the-art” while trying to explain why it doesn’t work:

We apologize for the conditions in the building due to the warm weather. The unusually warm temperatures arrived before the Law School could complete the scheduled start-up of the building’s air conditioning system for the season. We are working on this and expect to have the air conditioning operational next week. Fortunately, the temperatures will drop again after today. We do have to get through one more day of uncomfortable temperatures in the building and truly appreciate your patience.

Best Wishes,
Dean Mender

But even once the students get some relief, the damage (if any) has already been done:

This was especially awesome [Wednesday], when there was a sort of “OCI preview” evening. Reps from big firms, including V10-20 firms, all cordially invited to arrive fully suited at a sweltering 85-90 degree lobby and chat with Dozo students for 2 hours. An extra helping of embarrassment.

Come on Cardozo administration and maintenance, you’ve got to do better than that. A lot of things have to go right for a Cardozo student to snag a V10 summer offer, and playing amateur hour with the A/C is not a good start.

But Cardozo students need to chill out too. (Pun intended? Hell yeah.) It was one, sweltering, networking event months before the real recruiting action starts. The firm employees at the event aren’t going to go back to work and tell the hiring partner: “We can’t take any Cardozo students next year. They’re all sweaty and the school reminds me of a sweat lodge.”

It sounds like the event was a train wreck, but… it’ll blow over.

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