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Happy Tax Day!
(And information about tax day giveaways.)

Today is a very special and important day. Do you know what day it is? (And no, we’re not talking about the official release of the U.S. News law school rankings, which we’ve already covered.)

It’s not National Be Kind to Lawyers Day, which took place on Tuesday. Now your secretary has no reason to be nice to you. But you have to be nice to him very soon — this coming Wednesday, April 21, is Administrative Professionals Day.

Today is April 15: TAX DAY. The day you have to cough up some of your hard-earned cash to Uncle Sam. The time each year when you must render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s.

We reached out to some tax gurus and groupies for thoughts on this special day. They provided us with a wealth of insights and links — plus opportunities to GET FREE STUFF, and alleviate the financial burden associated with today….

Professor Paul Caron, author of the must-read TaxProf Blog, is a very happy camper today. He wrote to us as follows:

April 15 — it doesn’t get any better for tax prof geeks:

1. New U.S. News Law School Rankings officially released.

2. Tax returns due.

In addition:

1. 6th year anniversary of launch of TaxProf Blog.

2. 63rd year anniversary of jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier in Major League Baseball.

3. 98th year anniversary of sinking of the Titanic.

4. 135th anniversary of death of Abraham Lincoln.

Happy blogiversary, Professor Caron!

Over at our sister site, Going Concern, Caleb Newquist is more focused on the present than on the past. He notes that those of you in Washington can get free ice cream from Dairy Queen. But it’s only at one specific location, for one hour of the day. For the details, click here.

For those of you not in Washington, you can still get free stuff today too. If you bring a reusable travel mug into your local Starbucks, you can get a free brewed coffee. If you’d like a snack to go with your coffee, stop in to Cinnabon, which is offering “two free cupcake bites, to make it less taxing.”

If tax day stress has you wanting something stronger than coffee, have no fear. Here’s a recipe for a cocktail called The Tax Relief.

Dear readers, we wish you a Happy Tax Day. Our gift to you is this open thread, where you can (a) bitch about your tax burden, (b) share funny filing stories, (c) pass along news of other freebies and giveaways today, and (d) pose to your fellow readers the obscure tax questions that you sent to and that we completely ignored (because we are not tax lawyers).

Try not to get too stressed out today. But don’t ignore your civic duty as a taxpayer either. If you want to secure (or keep) a Biglaw partnership or win Senate confirmation as a federal judge, you really need to pay your taxes.

P.S. Any U.S. federal tax advice provided in this post or the comments to this post is not intended or written to be used, and it cannot be used by the recipient or any other taxpayer (i) for the purpose of avoiding tax penalties that may be imposed on the recipient or any other taxpayer, or (ii) in promoting, marketing or recommending to another party a partnership or other entity, investment plan, arrangement or other transaction addressed herein. Thank you.

UPDATE: Going Concern has a more comprehensive round-up of free stuff.

National Be Kind to Lawyers Day [official website via ABA Journal]
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