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Michigan Lawyer Sues State Over Vanity License Plate

As you know, we’re big fans of University of Michigan law students. From time to time, the students there commit acts of douchebaggery that are very funny. But who knew extreme toolishness extended to adults practicing in Michigan who didn’t even go to UM Law School?

A Michigan area lawyer wanted to get a vanity license plate for his Corvette. Really, I could end the story right there. A vanity license plate on a ‘Vette is prima facie evidence of being a dick.

But our Michigan man took it one step further…

The Detroit Free Press reports that Michigan lawyer Robert Tuttle needs to be in the running for Tool of the Year:

The state says it simply made a mistake when it allowed Robert Tuttle of Milford to buy a college plate with the well-known block M followed by W-L-V-R-N-E, or wolverine. The state says someone else already had it.

But Tuttle, a lawyer, recently filed a lawsuit in federal court because he’s dissatisfied with the explanation from state officials. He claims his rights to due process have been violated.

When the Founders came up with the right to due process, I’m sure they were thinking of men who needed sports cars and college credibility to supplement their aging penises.

Tipsters report that the lawyer in question is Robert Tuttle of Brooks Kushman. Here’s a bit from his bio:

At Brooks Kushman, Bob Tuttle is known for his razor-sharp legal mind, his close relationships with clients and the business community, and his near-photographic memory. These traits make him one of the firm’s key litigators.

Tuttle’s bio says that he received his J.D. from Wayne State University. Evidently, he traces his Wolverine roots to his undergraduate degree in electrical engineering — which he got at the University of Michigan.

Hopefully the court won’t have to waste too many resources on this ridiculous issue.

Lawyer turns license-plate dispute into lawsuit [Detroit Free Press]

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