Non-Sequiturs: 04.14.10

* Is there anything positive we can take from the D.C. Circuit’s blow to net neutrality last week? [Infamy or Praise]

* Bill Lerach isn’t the only one — there’s a whole host of criminals teaching in law schools these days. [Forbes]

* Literally being attacked by a man’s python > Metaphorically being attacked by a man’s python. [The Smoking Gun]

* Tea Party organizer thinks conservative women are smarter and hotter than liberal women. The obvious fallacy of the former makes me call the latter into question. [Huffington Post]

* Here are some really basic errors law students make when writing papers. [Legal Profession Blog]

* It’s always the assholes who are most sensitive about being called an asshole. [The Legal Satyricon]

* PJ of will be discussing law firm douchebaggery tonight with Bl1Y. Should be a good listen. [Here’s What to Think]

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