April 2010

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    Should Supreme Court Opinions Be Anonymous?

    That’s the question posed by Linda Greenhouse, former Supreme Court correspondent for the New York Times, in an extremely interesting post on the Opinionator blog. In attempting to address “why other countries [don’t] suffer from the same toxic confirmation battles that we do,” she first notes that other nations don’t give their judges life tenure: […]

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  • Associate Salaries, Howrey LLP, Killing Lockstep

    Will Law Firms Follow Howrey’s Profit Diminishing Lead?

    Last June, we reported that Howrey decided to make a big change to the law firm business model. The firm cut first year starting salaries to $100,000. In exchange, the first year program would involve a heavy emphasis on training. Associate billables would be capped at 700 hours and Howrey reduced the rates charged to […]

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  • Morning Docket

    Morning Docket 04.26.10

    * Law enforcement is getting involved in Apple v. Gizmodo and the leak of the supersecret iPhone. The Santa Clara County district attorney’s office will determine whether there’s enough evidence to pursue criminal charges. [CNet] * Minnesota lawyer Jeff Anderson has found an interesting niche: lawsuits against the Catholic Church on behalf of abuse victims. […]

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    Quote of the Weekend: The World’s Most Honest Lawyer?

    If I say I’m a clean lawyer, I’ll be a hypocrite, that’s all I can say. And if other lawyers say they are clean, they will go to jail, they’ll go to hell. – Indonesian lawyer Hotman Paris Hutapea

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    Truth in Advertising? One Law School’s Pitch

    Greetings from the great (albeit foggy) city of Chicago. We’ve arrived a little early, so we can enjoy the city in advance of our event on Monday with the fabulous Judge Diane Sykes (7th Cir.). Our talk, taking place at the University of Chicago Law School, is free and open to the public. For more […]

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    Sports and the Law: Will Ben Roethlisberger’s NFL Suspension Stand?

    On Wednesday, Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger became the first NFL player never charged or convicted of any crime to be suspended  under the NFL Personal Conduct Policy.  According to Commissioner Roger Goodell, the decision to suspend Roethlisberger was the result of  “some bad decisions” that Roethlisberger made in recent weeks, which emerged during the […]

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  • Non-Sequiturs

    Non-Sequiturs: 04.23.10

    * A Cal State Northridge professor has some helpful advice for scoring a hooker in Thailand. [Adjunct Law Prof Blog] * Apparently the person who made this “pitch perfect” film is a 1L at U.C. Irvine Law. I guess one has time for such pursuits when attending law school for free. [New York Times] * […]

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    Judge Shirley Strickland Saffold Can’t Deal With the Trial by Public Opinion

    Ohio judge Shirley Strickland Saffold got Judge of the Day honors here last month for nasty comments made anonymously on the Cleveland Plain Dealer’s website by someone with the handle “Lawmiss.” After Lawmiss made a comment about the mental state of a relative of a reporter, the reporter decided to find out who the person […]

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    A Peek Inside the Winston & Strawn Black Box
    And additional info on stealth layoffs.

    While the economy was in freefall, an attorney at the SEC had a crisis of a different kind: his work computer had run out of room for his porn stash. Thankfully, this was more easily solved than the mystery of Madoff’s returns. The SEC headquarters senior attorney, who spent up to eight hours a day […]

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    From Alleged ‘Hate Group’ Chairman to Toledo College of Law 1L

    A first-year law student at the University of Toledo College of Law is apparently causing concern among some of his fellow students — not because of anything he has done on campus, but because of his past. Before he was a 1L at the University of Toledo College of Law, Kyle Bristow was the chairman […]

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  • Courtship Connection, Romance and Dating

    ATL Courtship Connection: Blind Date FAIL

    It was bound to happen. New York is big, but it’s not that big. I sent two law school students (from different institutions) out on a Courtship Connection date on Monday night, armed only with a descriptor of their date. She said she’d be in a black dress, and he said he’d be in a […]

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  • Fantasy SCOTUS

    FantasySCOTUS: What Do Liberals, Conservatives, Moderates, and Libertarians Think of the SCOTUS Short List?

    Who will replace Justice John Paul Stevens? While pundits, savants, and oracles across the SCOTUSphere pontificate and read Article III tea leaves, FantasySCOTUS.net conducted extensive and detailed polling to predict the next Justice. We have invited our nearly 5,000 members –- who represent some of the closest and most ardent Court watchers -– to weigh […]

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  • Start Dates, Summer Associates

    Mayer Brown Start Date Follow-Up: The Magnanimous Mr. Chuck

    When we reported on the silence of Mayer Brown regarding start dates for incoming associates, I specifically mentioned that Mayer Brown’s greatest gadfly — Mr. Chuck — had nothing to do with the story. Alas, that did not stop other people from assuming that Mr. Chuck was continuing his crusade to force Mayer Brown to […]

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  • Morning Docket

    Morning Docket: 04.23.10

    * First TBS gets Conan, now it’s getting the Final Four. When did TBS become something more than an outlet for Braves games? [Am Law Daily] * It took about 41 minutes for a Brooklyn jury to reject busty New York 1 reporter Adele Sammarco’s claims of sexual harassment. [New York Post] * People who […]

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    Law Revue Video Contest: Dishonorable Mentions

    We launched our second annual Law Revue contest earlier this month. Over 20 law schools entered the competition, including a couple from the Great White North — a special “eh” to our Canuck readers! — with each school submitting up to two videos. Last night, your ATL editors had a special after-hours viewing. It wasn’t […]

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  • Non-Sequiturs

    Non-Sequiturs: 04.22.10

    * The Pope has been sued. [Huffington Post] * The American Bar Association names a new executive director. Maybe this guy will be the one to force law schools to be more transparent about the employment statistics? [ABA] * Redaction FAIL by team Blagojevich. [Mediaite] * Last night, Modern Family re-aired the episode where Phil […]

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    Congratulations to Judge Denny Chin!
    (As well as Judge Vanaskie, and five new U.S. Attorneys.)