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This Time, The Lawyer Wants To Get Screwed…

One of the reasons we brought Courthouse Connection to New York is that we came across so many lawyerly personal ads on Craigslist. (Um, not that we troll Craigslist for dates. Our readers send them to us.)

We were wondering whether Courthouse Connection has caused a drop-off in legal types posting on Craig’s pages. When we recently searched “lawyer” in the personal ads section of New York Craigslist, we had three hits. Two were romantics attesting to the fact that they weren’t lawyers (and thus more attractive specimens to the rest of humanity), and one was a lawyer, whose ad attests to the fact that lawyers are not attractive specimen to the rest of humanity.

The ad is too explicit for our front page. Here’s an excerpt:

I am a middle aged whtie [sic] married discreeeeet male. Somewhat overweight but clean, safe, sane, dd free. Even more fun for some: I am a lawyer LOL…any of you want to pretend I represented your hubby in that nasty divorce? LOL

He wants to give those screwed over by a lawyer the chance to screw one back, nastily. Full ad, after the jump.

From Craigslist Casual Encounters:

We’re not that surprised. A New York sexpert, who runs swingers’ parties, told us that attorneys are the kinkiest people in New York.

Sometimes people who are aggressive in the courtroom like to be dominated in the bedroom. LOL.

Wanna do a guy like you’ve been done? – m4w [Craigslist]

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