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An Explosive Federalist Society Lunch at Michigan Law?
And another scatological law school tale at UT.

You’d think those in the law would know by now not to send out embarrassing emails. But a Federalist Society officer at the University of Michigan Law School, whose name we’ve replaced with a pseudonym, seems oblivious. Apparently, Fed Soc served up some E-coli tainted lettuce at a recent lunch:

Subject: [lawopen] Fed Soc Lunch/ e. coli “episode”
Date: Fri, 16 Apr 2010 19:39:35 -0400
To: [Unofficial Law Listserv]

Hi Law Open,

The Federalist Society would like to extend an apology to anyone who had to experience the wrath of uncooked Pancheros over the last few days. I am among the many victims, spending three days in agony in the bathroom…. (TMI?)

Hope you all feel better!

Federalist Society Vice President

“TMI?” Yes. Yes, it is.

Another scatological tale from UT Law, after the jump. Someone truly thinks the place is a third tier “toilet”…

A University of Texas Law alum, who still subscribes to the “Campus Watch” email “because it is often funny,” sent along a poo-poo report from the campus po-po. He tells us Townes Hall houses only UT Law:

TOWNES HALL, 727 East Dean Keeton

Criminal Mischief: A UT staff member discovered fecal matter had been smeared on four exterior windows located on the southeast portion of the building. Damage value: $100.00. Discovered on: 5-10-10, at 7:45 AM.

The alum says:

I graduated from UT Law a few years back and can understand the mentality of students in finals with no prospect of jobs. I never knew it could be this bad though.

We sincerely hope that the incident is not to blame on a law school student discouraged by sh*tty career prospects.

(hidden for your protection)

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