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Open Thread: 2011 U.S. News Law School Rankings (78 – 100)

We have finally come to the last batch of top-100 law schools according to U.S. News.

These are law schools that should not be called “TTT.” They aren’t in the third tier. Okay? They are in the top-100. That means that U.S. News thinks they are better than at least 100 other law schools incomprehensibly accredited by the ABA. Let’s all remember that as I list these schools:

78. Loyola (Chicago)
78. UNLV (Boyd)
80. Chicago-Kent
80. LSU
80. Rutgers
80. University of Denver (Strum)
80. Oregon
86. Hofstra
86. Indiana University – Indianapolis (IUPUI)
86. Northeastern
86. Seattle
86. Syracuse
86. Arkansas
86. Richmond
93. Chapman
93. Santa Clara
93. Missouri
93. Nebraska
93. West Virginia
98. Catholic University of America
98. Depaul
98. San Francisco
98. University of the Pacific
98. William Mitchell College of Law

Sometimes, if you don’t have anything nice to say, you shouldn’t say anything at all. And you know what, the level of acrimony and lack of civility flying around Above the Law the past two weeks has been really ridiculous. So, after the jump, I will endeavor to say one nice thing about every school in this batch…

Here we go:

78. Loyola (Chicago): Jesuit education rocks.
78. UNLV (Boyd): Fewer laws to learn in Vegas, yet there will always be clients who need your assistance.
80. Chicago-Kent: Do you like law? Do you like technology? Well here’s a match!
80. LSU: Cajun culture, better flood protection.
80. Rutgers: New Jersey is called the Garden State for a reason. I’m sure somebody at Rutgers knows why.
80. University of Denver (Strum): Skiers make excellent personal injury clients.
80. Oregon: Honorable defense of our Northwestern legal market from interloping Canadians.
86. Hofstra: J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets!
86. Indiana University – Indianapolis (IUPUI): The best of IU and Purdue and auto racing, what’s not to love?
86. Northeastern: Practical legal experience, and you can’t walk down Landsdowne Street without stumbling into nubile co-eds from one of the area’s 8 million colleges.
86. Seattle: When it rains, it pours T&E dollars from clients who want their affairs in order before the cloudy season.
86. Syracuse: Constant flow of clients from that political cesspool in Albany.
86. Arkansas: Adrielle Churchill. Bang.
86. Richmond: Access to Virginia’s legal market, distance from flying collars at UVA.
93. Chapman: High quality of life, low chance of the school ever being embarrassed on Above the Law.
93. Santa Clara: I don’t think this Silicon Valley thing is a fad.
93. Missouri: Show me who has better access to Biglaw at either ends of the state! Whether it’s St. Louis or Kansas City, I bet Bryan Cave is waiting for your resume.
93. Nebraska: Big sky, and not too many people or buildings blocking your view.
93. West Virginia: Yeah, like mining companies don’t desperately need competent in-house lawyers. You protect the company by day, and work within the system to save lives the rest of the time.
98. Catholic University of America: And speaking of institutions that need some bright young lawyers, I’d say the Catholic Church is looking for a few good men. Not boys, men.
98. DePaul: If your beloved dean gets ousted, people care.
98. San Francisco: John Jay Osborn, author of the Paper Chase, teaches there. Why read about it when you can live it?
98. University of the Pacific: Somebody’s going to have to pick up the pieces when the entire state of California collapses from debt and natural disaster. Pacific students will be well positioned to forge a brave new world.
98. William Mitchell College of Law: It’s like an amalgam of everything that was best about Minnesota legal education. A law school that knows a thing or two about mergers.

So there you go. The last of the top-100 law schools. Do you guys have anything else nice to add? Let’s have three cheers for all of these schools in the comments!

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