May 2010

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    Unbillable Hours: A True Story

    Ian Graham is the author of Unbillable Hours: A True Story, which was published earlier this month. The book is a memoir of Graham’s time at Latham & Watkins, where he spent about five years as a litigation associate. Unbillable Hours is not, however, a Latham exposé (which I’d eagerly read, by the way). Rather, […]

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  • Morning Docket

    Morning Docket: 05.20.10

    * Legal troubles mount for Google after its disclosure that its Street View cars sucked up wireless information from people who stupidly neglected to password-protect their networks. [Media Post; Courthouse News Service] *Apparently, 1L year did Jerry O’Connell in. [Associated Press] * Will Michelle Obama deport this over-sharing little girl’s mom? [Washington Post] * If […]

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  • Bar Exams, BARBRI

    Which Bar Exam Prep Course is the Best?

    Graduation marks the end of grueling law school exams… and the beginning of preparing for the worst exam of your life. Most recent grads are heading straight from law school classes into bar exam prep classes, and so 3Ls have been bombarded for the last nine months with spam informational emails from bar prep companies […]

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  • Non-Sequiturs

    Non-Sequiturs: 05.19.10

    * Thank God they didn’t ask Sandra Day O’Connor to actually throw the first pitch at Wrigley yesterday; she is a bit on the older side. Then again, I bet she could approximate a strike better than Obama. [] * Yesterday, we started talking about commencement speakers. Today, Paul Caron gives us a very big […]

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  • Clerkships, Quote of the Day, Richard Posner

    Quote of the Day

    The bottom line here is that Judge Posner is one of the few appellate judges that writes his own opinions. Otherwise it would be like getting quotations from law clerks. — Robert Blomquist, editor of the new book The Quotable Judge Posner.

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  • Attorney Misconduct, Legal Ethics, Rudeness

    Time for Our Daily Dose of Political Correctness

    The language police are out in force. The ABA Journal reports that a lawyer’s bad language, used in public, has triggered an ethics inquiry: A township lawyer in New Jersey is facing the wrath of an animal rights group after he used the C-word to describe one of its demonstrators. Lawyer Richard Shackleton now faces […]

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  • Elena Kagan, Media and Journalism, Shameless Plugs

    Commentary on Our Kagan Coverage

    Some of our readers enjoy engaging in meta-commentary about the commentary we offer here at Above the Law. Other readers do not care for such “coverage of the coverage,” finding it to be nothing more than navel-gazing. If you fall into the former group — or if you’ve been unhappy with our Elena Kagan coverage, […]

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  • Biglaw, White & Case, Wikipedia

    Law Firm Wikipedia Wars

    On Sex and the City, Samantha was never seen scrolling through comments on news blogs to make sure her clients’ reputations weren’t being maligned. Instead, she attended fancy New York parties and talked up her roster of good-looking clients. But SATC is dated. The work of public relations professionals has been made harder (and less […]

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  • Contracts, Screw-Ups

    Cornell Contracts Exam Should Fail for Ambiguity, Vagueness

    With all the students just dying to get into Cornell Law School, I figured I’d give you guys a taste of what exams will be like for the few of you lucky enough to get in. A contracts exam there turned into something so complicated that you need to be an expert in statutory interpretation […]

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    Thanks to This Week’s Advertisers

    A quick word of thanks to this week’s advertisers on Above the Law: Barmax Conrad Hotels Kinney Recruiting Lateral Link Lexis Nexis – Discovery Solutions Lexis Nexis – Law Firm Marketing Products Lexis Nexis – Martindale Lexis Nexis – RLS Specialized Law Lexis Nexis – Search Advantage & Hosted Litigation Robert H. Smith School (EMBA) […]

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  • Career Alternatives, In-House Counsel, Job Searches

    In-House Counseling: Stooping to Conquer

    Ed. note: This post is written by Will Meyerhofer, a Biglaw attorney turned psychotherapist, whom we profiled. A former Sullivan & Cromwell associate, he holds degrees from Harvard, NYU Law, and The Hunter College School of Social Work. He blogs at The People’s Therapist. It’s frustrating, trying to teach lawyers the fundamentals of doing business. […]

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  • Eliot Spitzer, Media and Journalism, Politics, Television

    What’s Next For Eliot Spitzer?

    There’s been an Eliot Spitzer outbreak; time to break out the topical cream. If you follow cable news, you already know that there was a major prime-time shakeup yesterday. Campbell Brown, the CNN anchor for the 8:00 p.m. time slot, is out. Her resignation letter is one of the most candid things you’ll read from […]

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  • Arlen Specter, Elena Kagan, Morning Docket

    Morning Docket: 05.19.10

    * Sen. Arlen Specter — a Yale Law School grad and former Philadelphia district attorney, by the way — loses the Democratic primary in Pennsylvania; ophthalmologist Rand Paul, son of Rep. Ron Paul, wins the Republican primary in Kentucky. [Washington Post] * BP hires Kirkland & Ellis for the oil spill litigation — a sign […]

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  • Fashion, Lawyer of the Day, Religion, Violence

    Lawyer of the Day: The Burka Brawler

    Disclosure: I am not a fan of the burka, a garment that I find vaguely ridiculous, oppressive towards women, and worst of all, horribly unfashionable. The burqa’s highest and best use is in comedy. Remember the great Curb Your Enthusiasm episode in which Larry dry cleans a Muslim woman’s burqa and gives it to Cheryl […]

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  • Commencement, Law Schools

    Open Thread: 2010 Commencement Speakers

    It’s May. Soon it will be June. The class of 2010 is about to graduate. And sure, everything will suck for them, but let’s give them their due: Ahh, that’s the good stuff. But sometime after that song is played, and before the students become acquainted with the nutritional properties of mayonnaise sandwiches, somebody will […]

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  • Non-Sequiturs

    Non-Sequiturs: 05.18.10

    * Jimmy Connors was a pain in the ass on the tennis court. I bet he was a difficult client to deal with too. [ABA Journal] * Additional accolades for Elizabeth Warren. [Harvard Law School] * SCOTUS Justices, in their own words. It’s a panel discussion which includes Justice Breyer. [C-Span] * Wondering how to […]

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  • Food, Media and Journalism, Weirdness

    The New York Times vs. Kashmir

    As some readers know, I’ve had a dispute with the paper of record before. But this time, the Grey Lady has gone after a different Kashmir: the restaurant formerly known as the Kashmir buffet. According to Midtown Lunch, the eatery across from the NYT headquarters recently changed its name to the “Times Restaurant”: Perhaps because […]

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  • ACLU, Department of Justice, Immigration, Racism

    Arizona, Here Come the Lawsuits

    As we mentioned in Morning Docket, the lawsuits are coming for Arizona’s new immigration law. First up, the ACLU. Bloomberg reports: The American Civil Liberties Union is leading a court challenge to Arizona’s new law targeting illegal immigration, claiming the measure would allow unconstitutional racial profiling by police. A group of civil rights organizations led […]

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