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ATL Caption Contest: Legal Lexus Nexus Finalists

We gave you this photo before the holiday weekend:

We asked for creative and hilarious caption submissions. You did not disappoint.

This is the first caption contest we’ve run since instituting the new comment system. We have taken your “likes” into account in choosing our finalists. Check out the top ten, and vote for the best one, after the jump.

A. Proud new employers of a BU law school grad, congratulating their new chauffeur on a job well done.

B. It doesn’t matter if he can spell “Summa” — as long as he can spell “Venti” and “Grande” he’ll do just fine.

C. Stupid new grad. It is supposed to be written backwards on the front windshield, so they can read it in the ambulances in front of you.

D. I hear he was no-offered by his Suma Associate firm.

E. “My other ‘M’ got deferred.”

F. “Explaining to her parents their Latin spelling error was an oddly helpful segue into breaking the news that she was moving back in with them.”

G. The license plate had read, “SUKS2BU”

H. “100k manufacturers warranty, unlike my law degree”

I. Sadly, writing your resume on a Lexus still doesn’t make your J.D. valuable; this Lexus nexus yields no positive search results.

J. Toyota recently announced another recall, as typos have been popping up all over the rear windshields of its popular Lexus brand.

Vote for your favorite. Poll closes Wednesday at midnight.

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