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Dewey Crosses Border Into Arizona Mess

Have you been waiting for a megafirm to take a stand in the Arizona immigration law mess? Biglaw has already been all up in the BP oil spill disaster. Why not weigh in on behalf of Arizona, or take the side of racially-profiled, dark-skinned people?

One Biglaw firm is ready to get into this. Dewey & LeBoeuf has filed an amicus brief on behalf of….

The Mexican government!

Does Mexico have standing to challenge the Arizona immigration law? No, not really, not at all. But the foreign government is doing what it can anyway. From the Dewey press release:

Dewey & LeBoeuf LLP filed a brief on behalf of the Government of Mexico in the U.S. District Court for the District of Arizona in the case of Friendly House, et al. v. Michael B. Whiting, et al. supporting the lawsuit filed by a group of civil rights organizations challenging the constitutionality of Arizona’s recent immigration statute, Senate Bill 1070 (SB 1070).

The law, which has been widely criticized by civil rights groups and others since its enactment, was enacted by Arizona, allegedly in response to its dissatisfaction with the lack of comprehensive federal legislation and action regarding immigration reform, especially as relevant to the impacts on Border States.

Yes, we know lots of people have criticized Arizona’s law — but why is the Mexican government involved again?

The Government of Mexico has taken the position, as amicus curiae, that SB 1070 should be declared unconstitutional and not take effect. It also underscored its duty to protect its national interest and to ensure that their ethnic origin is not used as a criterion for discriminatory treatment. It also noted the adverse impact which SB 1070 could have on U.S.-Mexico bi-lateral relations if it is not declared invalid by the Court.

In the BP situation, many firms seem to be willing to risk bad press in order to get their hands on the significant fees BP is likely to generate. Dewey might get some good press for trying to help overturn a racial profiling law, but they won’t be getting any money for it; Dewey is working on this pro bono.

Still, the work could be good experience and interesting work for Dewey lawyers. The Dewey press release even says they’ve got some summer associates working on the brief:

Dewey and LeBoeuf is representing the Government of Mexico in this matter on a pro bono basis. The co-authors of the brief are Partner, Henry Solano, and Associates — Carla Gorniak and Christopher R. Clark.

Additionally, associates Virginia Medina and Lucericia Messiah, as well as summer associates Joel Acevedo, Jomaire Crawford and Michael Mix assisted with the research and preparation of the brief.

So now which Biglaw firm wants to take Arizona’s side in this fight?

And is any firm willing to be on the Arizona side for free?

Dewey & LeBoeuf Files Amicus Curiae Brief on Behalf of Mexico Challenging Arizona’s Immigration Statute [Dewey & LeBoeuf]

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