Morning Docket

Morning Docket: 06.16.10

Obama: 'Plug the damn hole.'

* Last night, in his first Oval Office address, Obama called for fast Senate action on proposed energy legislation and announced the appointment of a former Justice Department lawyer to overhaul the Minerals Management Service. [Washington Post]

* Attorneys general from 30 states are talking about launching a joint investigation into Google’s improper collection of private data from Wi-Fi networks. [Bits / New York Times]

* A pipe bomb is found on the SUV belonging to a white-supremacist lawyer currently facing federal charges of trying to kill his wife (the driver of the SUV on the day the bomb was discovered). [Spokane Spokesman-Review via ABA Journal]

* Lady Kaga plays well with others: 69 approximately 70 law school deans have endorsed Elena Kagan for the Supreme Court. [Washington Post]

* No-fault divorce may soon be coming to New York. [New York Times]

* Lots of lawyers and law firms are trying to break into show business. [Am Law Daily]

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