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Reality TV Star Victoria, of Downtown Girls, Fails the Bar Exam

MTV has sunk low. Really low. Its newest program, Downtown Girls — a reality TV show about a group of hot girls living in TriBeCa — is using the New York bar exam as a dramatic narrative hook.

We wrote before about the law grad on the show in our post: Why Unemployed Lawyers Shouldn’t Go On Reality TV Shows — Exhibit A: Victoria, of MTV’s Downtown Girls. Her bio on the MTV site described her as an aspiring attorney who is “a source of rattlebrained comic relief” and “currently awaiting the results of her second attempt at the bar exam.”

We’ve since learned from tipsters that Victoria is a Brooklyn Law School grad. Her results came in on episode 4 of the show. The show’s lead Carrie Bradshaw-inspired character real person is Shallon, who narrates at the beginning of the episode: “Victoria is about to find out the results of her bar exam and that could totally shift the course of her whole life.”

Consider life shifted. The second time was not the charm for Victoria. So what do you do if you find out that you failed the bar exam on national television?

Well, first you cry. If you’re a sadist, you can see Victoria sign onto the NY BOLE site at 9 p.m. and get the news at the eight-minute mark in the episode:

That’s not how these things are supposed to go. This is why reality TV is so much more painful than scripted television, where the characters always pass their tests and get the jobs of their dreams. Says Shallon: “I don’t know what to say… ‘I’m so sorry you wasted three years of your life’?”

No. Don’t say that.

Her friends come up with a better plan. They call one of their lawyer friends, Chesley, who also failed the bar exam the first time around, and go out drinking. Victoria is reluctant at first to play beer pong, but then Chesley tells her: “Play pong. It’ll show that you can get over something as small as a test… Now you’re going to excel at this.” To all the law firm hiring partners who are watching, note at the ten-minute mark how resilient she is and how good her throw is!

The next day, Victoria is feeling better, noting that she “only missed by one multiple choice question, so I’m confident I’ll pass next time… But I still have law school to pay for, so I need to start looking for a job.”

As you all know, job hunting is tough right now. Victoria decides to focus on the entertainment industry: a bar-tending job. “This is the kind of bar exam I can get behind,” quips Shallon. The first stop is a Coyote Ugly-type place, and auditioning involves dancing on a table (at the 14:30 mark).

Victoria, left, does better on this bar exam

“If you fail the bar, you may as well get up on one and shake what you got,” says Shallon. The bartender demonstrates some serious booty shaking abilities for the girls. “I’m pretty sure that shaking your ass like that is harder than any question on the bar exam,” Shallon astutely notes.

This is certainly not the kind of firm body Victoria expected to be when she went to law school, but she leaves the interview saying, “I guess it’s good to know I have options.”

Judging from her upbeat Twitter feed, Victoria is feeling better, and on her Tumblr feed, she found solidarity with fellow reality TV star Albie Manzo, who failed out of Seton Hall Law School in the most recent episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Maybe it’s time for some kind of reality TV spin-off series: The Real Desperate Downtown Law Grads?

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