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Update: Is Brooklyn ADA Ama Dwimoh Getting a Bum Rap?

Last Friday, we named Brooklyn Assistant District Attorney Ama Dwimoh our Lawyer of the Day. As a prosecutor, Dwimoh goes after child abusers. And yet, according to the New York Daily News — irony alert! — she herself abuses the kiddies, i.e., legal interns in her office.

One reader with firsthand knowledge protested this portrayal of the Brooklyn DA’s office and its treatment of interns:

I’m [a law student] intern at the KCDAO [Kings County District Attorney’s Office], and from everything I’ve heard from all of my intern colleagues, the senior ADA’s have been nothing less than amazing — they find us work to do, always treat us with respect, always make us feel appreciated, and the office is gloriously drama-free.

This tipster has a theory about what’s going on here….

This whole situation sounds suspiciously like deferred associates bitching and moaning — there are a few in my bureau, and they all act like they’re too good to be here. That being said, I can’t speak for everyone so it may be an isolated case, but I’d put my money on the fellows complaining.

A second source in the office claims that this is, in fact, an isolated case:

I’d heard that she was suspended because she yelled at a particular associate who had political clout, but that’s about it….

The DA’s office doesn’t sound that different from a law firm: some colleagues can be screwed over with impunity, while others can derail your career if you so much as forget to say “please” to them.

Moral of the story: if you work with deferred associates, treat them with care. Some of them have a sense of entitlement, and since they know they’ll be working for you for a limited period of time — with six-figure Biglaw jobs waiting for them on the other side, assuming their offers don’t get rescinded — they aren’t afraid to speak out when they feel they’re being mistreated.

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