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Do Georgetown Law Students ♥ Twilight?

As we noted yesterday, Solicitor General Elena Kagan, on track to be the newest justice of the Supreme Court, apparently hasn’t been bitten by the “Twilight” movies. When Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) tried to get Kagan to weigh in on the case of Edward v. Jacob, Kagan declined — a little forcefully. This won’t help White House efforts to depict the Divine Miss K as a girly girl.

But perhaps other legal types have a weakness for the series of vampire romance films. On Wednesday, the Washington Post had an article on the hard-core “Twilight” fans who came out in force for Tuesday night, post-12 a.m. screenings. Reports the Post:

After “Eclipse” was over, moviegoers gave it mixed reviews.

“It was a lot more frustrating than I thought it was going to be, ” said Bill Murray, 31.

“I thought it was fantastic,” said Gus Golden, 33. “It had a little bit in it for everyone.”

It seemed odd to find thirtysomething men at the midnight screening of a film aimed at teenage girls. To be sure, Robert Pattinson is ridiculously hot, and Taylor Lautner is quite the butterface (butHISface?), with abs that should be illegal under the Model Penal Code (hehe — penal). But then a little bird told us: “Gus Golden and Bill Murray are both rising 3L’s at Georgetown University Law Center.” And suddenly it all made sense.

The “Twilight” films are supposed to be juvenile and insubstantial — not typical cinematic fare for lawyers and law students. But before we started on a post heaping scorn upon these GULC students, and cracking jokes about how a fall from the so-called “T14″ is imminent, we decided to do some digging….

And it’s good we did. It turns out that Gus Golden and Bill Murray — yes, that’s his real name — were framed. We reached out to Messrs. Golden and Murray via Facebook, to ask what the heck they were doing at a “Twilight” movie. (We feared they were there to prey on the tween set.) Gus Golden got back to us to clear their names:

[This turns out to be] a bit of a prank. A few of my friends from the Georgetown Gilbert & Sullivan Society went to see the premiere last night, and tried to drag me out to see it with them (we had previously gone to see New Moon for a friend’s birthday, mostly to make fun of the die-hard fans). I did not go, as I had work this morning and several deadlines approaching, so as punishment for standing them up they volunteered my name for the Washington Post.

And now poor Gus Golden has been fingered as a “Twihard” in the august pages of the Washington Post. To everyone studying for the bar exam: Does he have a defamation claim against his name-shifting friends?

But Golden seems to have a sense of humor about the whole thing:

I can tell you that Bill Murray, another of my Georgetown Law friends, was also not there and thus a target for the joke. Needless to say I’m getting a bit of teasing about this at my summer job, especially as I am only 24!

As for my legal education, I’m not sure where the lesson here is. Maybe I’ll find out if possible employers search for my name on the internet! I guess I could have a case for libel, but I’m seeing the whole thing as a pretty good joke. They got me (and you, apparently).

(Ah, but they didn’t pull the werewolf over our eyes — this is precisely why we did our Facebook fact-checking.)

Gus Golden concluded his message with a request for a plug for the Georgetown Gilbert & Sullivan Society. We’re happy to oblige. We’re friends with several past GGSS members, especially from the 2009-2010 board, and they’re a great crew.

The Society, which has been active for over 35 years, puts on some very fun productions. Learn more about them here.

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