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Latham & Watkins: 100% Offers to Summers in D.C.

A week ago, we reported that Pepper Hamilton surprised its summer associates with 100% offers at a Friday lunch. Now this is a trend we hope catches on.

And maybe it will. Latham & Watkins surprised its D.C. summers during a rooftop extravaganza, yesterday. A tipster reports:

Last night (Thursday), Latham & Watkins’ D.C. office officially extended offers to 100% of its summer associates during an end-of-summer party on the rooftop of the Donovan House–one of the city’s swankiest spots. The offers came unexpectedly, as summers were under the impression that they would be waiting another week or so, until the conclusion of the programs at Latham’s other national offices, to hear about offers.

Well now, that should lighten the mood.

And Latham D.C. even provided a little extra incentive for summers who accepted their offers on the spot…

This next report from a tipster is going to remind people of a bygone era (like all the way back in 2006) when Biglaw offers were infused with milk and honey:

It was unbelievably exciting, and the majority of the summer associates accepted on the spot–particularly after Deputy Managing Partner of the D.C. office, Alice Fisher, stood up and proclaimed that she would personally deliver a bottle of fine champagne to the office of any summer associate who accepted.

I’m getting misty-eyed just reading these reports. It’s like something out of The Great Gatsby. Somebody pour me another round:

Thereafter, spirits were incredibly high, the party continued, and the rest of the night is history. The Latham D.C. summer program officially concludes tomorrow (Friday).

Is there news from other Latham offices? Your D.C. peers just landed 100% offers, let’s see if it’s a firm-wide trend.

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