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Lawyer of the Day: Divorce Lawyer Snatches Playboy Publicity

It’s common for a spouse to claim that a divorce lawyer left him with nothing but the shirt on his back. But it is the rare divorce attorney who returns the favor and takes her shirt off. We’ve extensively documented the briefs and bustline of the well-endowed Corri Fetman. But today we’ve got a divorce lawyer whose résumé isn’t quite so inflated.

(Warning: This should go without saying, but in case there is a freaking idiot out there, the next link is NSFW — Not Safe for Work.)

Meet Playboy’s “Employee of the Month” [NSFW] for July, Kimberly Kourt. Ms. Kourt — I’ll go on a diet if that’s her real name — says she’s a family lawyer, but real classy-like:

“I pride myself on always being professional and appropriate, right down to what I wear in the courtroom,” says sexy trial lawyer Kimberly Kourt. “But on my own time, sexy clothes are fair game.”

Nothing says “professional and appropriate” quite like posing for Playboy.

So, pictures or it didn’t happen….

Click over to Playboy (NSFW) to check out the pics.

An Above the Law reader who reads Playboy — for its law-related articles, of course — wasn’t all that impressed by Kourt’s carpeting. Said our tipster:

I’m surprised that she’s so furry down there. She looks like she’s posing for Playboy circa 1990 with that hair pie.

Well, in fairness, she is going for a classic look:

My style is vintage retro with lots of really short skirts and shorts. I like being the center of attention and I want people to look at me.

There are some careers that lend themselves to being the center of attention more than the law. But, according to Kourt, being a lawyer has other benefits:

Playboy: How long have you been in this line of work?

About seven years now. I love being in control. That’s the personality trait that inspired me to practice law.

Control freak? Check. Attention whore? Check. Lack of a shame reflex? Check. Yep, this woman sounds like a fairly typical attorney.

Okay, ladies and gentlemen — when you get home from work tonight, click over to Playboy (NSFW), and take a really good look at her. Somebody out there went to law school with her (if she really is a lawyer).

Do you know where? If so, please email us. Because more career service offices — UNC, for the win — should embrace “Playboy Bunny” as something you can do with your J.D.

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