Morning Docket

Morning Docket: 07.12.10

one million dollar lawsuit.jpg* The Los Angeles County Superior Court needs a Hollywood handout. [New York Times]

* The lawsuit over a one-million-dollar-challenge has been refiled in federal court. [Atlanta Journal-Constitution via ABA Journal]

* A federal judge calls a $675,000 fine for file-sharing “unprecedented and oppressive” and reduces it to a measly $67.5K. [Harvard Crimson]

* A 19-year-old outlaw with a fan base was caught red-handed and bare-footed in the Bahamas. [Los Angeles Times]

* The Swiss want to keep Roman Polanski around. [Associated Press]

* Grim Sleeper serial killer had a long rap sheet, but it was familial DNA that did him in. [Washington Post]

* Monopoly suit against Apple and AT&T over locked iPhones will move forward as a class action. [Associated Press]

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