Non-Sequiturs: 07.22.10

* Would you vote for a candidate if all you knew about her was that she was “not the whiteman’s bitch”? I think I would not. But if she said “makes the whiteman my bitch,” we might be onto something. [Gawker]

* ACLU goes after the immigration policy of one Nebraska town. [WSJ Law Blog]

* While she won’t shift the ideological balance of power on the Court, Elena Kagan does shift the gender politics of the high court. [Washington Post]

* Remember the judge that allegedly slashed somebody’s tires? He received his punishment: a whopping five-day suspension. [Underdog]

* National transportation reform couldn’t possibly be more complicated than health care reform. Right? [Alt Transport]

* The fake Lindsay Lohan jailhouse twitter feed has been pretty hilarious so far. [Twitter]

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