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Reality Television Can Be Good For Your Career, Says Apprentice Loser

Erin Elmore, The Apprentice

Erin Elmore, ex-reality TV star.

In our last few reality TV stories, we have highlighted the perils of putting your life on camera — publicly flunking out of law school, having the world know you’ve failed the bar exam twice, and exposing an ego surgically enhanced to the size of Texas.

One former reality TV star emailed us to protest. Erin Elmore wrote:

I also was on a realty show….. Apprentice 3 with Donald Trump. It actually opened career doors and I never regretted doing the show!!!

Elmore was on the 2005 Magna vs. Net Worth edition of the show, pitting those with book smarts against those with street smarts. Since she has a law degree from Villanova, she was obviously teamed up with the book smarties.

She sent along a series of YouTube clips with the email, showcasing all the TV gigs she’s gotten since doing The Apprentice. Here’s a montage. The girl knows how to work a Philadelphia red carpet.

Elmore worked for Marshall Dennehey and then JP Morgan Chase before going on The Apprentice. Trump fired her, and she returned to the world of law. To what great heights has reality television propelled her?

To an outsourcing firm:

I worked for 2 years as an attorney prior to the show. Currently I run the Philadelphia office of US Legal Support.

They do legal placement and staffing. So, she went from working for one of the world’s biggest banks to helping place contract attorneys. And her lovely photo isn’t even on the company’s management page.

Victoria Eisner of Downtown Girls was our Exhibit A in support of lawyers not going on reality TV shows. Erin Elmore may be Exhibit B.

Erin Elmore [Personal website]
Erin Elmore [Apprentice Rules]

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