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After the Way He Treated Cleveland, Why Would Anyone Want To Be LeBron James’s Father?

Leicester Bryce Stovell

LeBron James is taking his talents to Washington. Well, at least his lawyers are. Lawyers for King James have filed their motion to dismiss the suit filed by Leicester Bryce Stovell, a D.C.-based lawyer. Stovell claims that he is LeBron’s father and that LeBron’s mother, Gloria James, tampered with the paternity test that would have proven his claims. Our own Gabe Acevedo did an interview with Stovell back in July.

We offered LeBron the opportunity to appear on Above the Law during an hour-long special called “The Paternity,” where he would reveal the identity not of his biological father, but of whichever man gave him the best chance of expanding LeBron’s global reach. My money was on Justin Bieber, but so far LeBron has declined our offer.

So, for the moment, we’ll have to content ourselves with what his lawyers say about this Leicester Bryce Stovell character…

A bunch of pissed-off Cleveland Cavaliers fans can add Squire Sanders to the list of entities loosely associated with LeBron that they now hate. Squire Sanders is representing the child who might as well have been immaculately conceived in a union between Gloria James, a basketball, and the Roman god for coming up small in the clutch. The BLT: Blog of the Legal Times reports:

James’s lawyers, including John Burlingame, Washington managing partner of Squires, Sanders & Dempsey, said today in court papers that Stovell’s suit “comes nowhere close to articulating any facts that, if true, would show how the test was falsified, who falsified it, or that Gloria or LeBron James had anything to do with the alleged falsification.”

Attorneys for James say Stovell’s “fanciful hope for celebrity cannot be brought to life through a court of law.”

This seems like a whole lot of attention being devoted to somebody who is just Dwyane Wade’s sidekick.

In a truly ironic twist, James’s lawyers claim Stovell is being delusional:

James’s lawyers said that “Stovell may truly believe that he is the father of LeBron James, even though a DNA test has told him otherwise. But his delusions do not give rise to a cause of action against either Gloria or LeBron James.”

Ha. Maybe it’s a case of “like father, like son”? Because if LeBron really thinks he’ll ever be considered one of the top champions in the history of the NBA, now that he’s gone to hide under Wade’s apron, that would be the biggest delusion of all time.

LeBron James’s Lawyers Want Judge to Dismiss Suit in D.C. [The BLT: Blog of the Legal Times]

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