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How Much Would You Pay Somebody To Give You A Job?

Are there any cynics out there who are sick of all this good news about how the legal economy is recovering? Hell, even a supposed teen porn purveyor is counting on a full recovery sometime in the near future.

If all this happiness and roses makes you feel a little bit ill, look no further than Craigslist for your daily dose of sadness. Check out this out, it’s the saddest kind of barter deal…

Despite indications of recovery, there are still attorneys out there who are really struggling to find any kind of legal work:

$1000 for a law firm job (Midtown)

The title of this post is not a typo.

I’m a licensed attorney in need of a job as a lawyer. The economy is brutal, and I need a job. I graduated two years ago, and it’s been a rough time since. I will give you $1000 cash – $200 for an interview, and $800 when I start – if you can get me a full-time job as an attorney at any type of law firm in Manhattan or western Brooklyn. Anyone out there?

That’s right people, laid-off attorneys are putting out bounties on job interviews.

The recovery is starting to help people who managed to hang on through the recession. But those who got thrown off the bandwagon remain lost.

$1000 for a law firm job [Craigslist]

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