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Mixed Martial Arts and the Law

I know, I know — it sounds like the perfect third-year law school course. But I’m not talking about a way for 3Ls to get an easy A; I’m talking about the apparent proliferation of law blogs devoted to mixed martial arts (MMA). Writes Bruce Carton of Legal Blog Watch: “I’m not exactly sure what this development means for the current state of legal blogging, but just know this: There are now two blogs dedicated to mixed martial arts law!”

Carton highlights Mixed Martial Arts Law Blog and Fight Lawyer. There’s something perfectly satisfying about lawyers writing about the laws that pertain to beating the crap out of each other. You could imagine cooks writing about what meal you should have before you knock another cook over the head with a frying pan. It just fits very nicely with the profession.

But aside from lawyers writing about MMA, let’s not forget that we’ve seen a number of attorneys actually practice the fine art of choking another man into submission….

Taking a trip through the Above the Law archives, we’re reminded of Nick Thompson, a Minnesota law grad who spent his bar summer fighting in the UFC. Or the Korean lawyer who fought off an attacker in his building, while apathetic New Yorkers looked on. Hell, just last week we learned about Justice David Medina of the Texas Supreme Court, who will apparently beat on law clerks for charity.

Yes, maybe a lot of future lawyers got picked on in grade school. But there are a bunch of practicing attorneys who are well-trained in the martial pursuits. Which brings us back to Fight Lawyer’s Justin Klein:

Fight Lawyer is the work of Justin Klein, a litigator in New York City with the law firm Satterlee Stephens Burke and Burke. Klein, says he is an “avid fight fan, boxing as well as MMA, and I am a blue belt in jiu jitsu.” Like MMALB, Fight Lawyer writes about the legal issues surrounding fights (e.g., sanctioning, drug testing, or whatever the issue of the day may be).

Aren’t there any attorneys out there who just kick back with a game of squash anymore? Don’t get me wrong; I thought Fight Club was a good movie too. But Jesus, you’d think that lawyers were educated enough to know how to avoid getting punched in the face.

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble! Fight Lawyer Joins Mixed Martial Arts Law Blog in Tiny Niche [Legal Blog Watch]
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