Morning Docket

Morning Docket: 08.02.10

* Judge Susan Bolton, who took the teeth out of the Arizona immigration law, has been getting lots of hate mail, including death threats. But loyal readers of Above the Law know it’s not the first time for her. [Chicago Sun-Times]

* The ball is in Blake Strode’s court: pro tennis or Harvard Law School? [St. Louis Today]

* From the frying pan into the fire? Lindsay Lohan is out of jail and into rehab. [Los Angeles Times]

* Crackberry users in the U.A.E. are going to need rehab soon, too. [New York Times]

* Patent lawyer Donald Stout doesn’t care what you say about his house. [Financial Post]

* Chelsea Clinton is off the market. [Washington Post]

* You have the right to wonder what will become of the Miranda warning. [Associated Press]

* Teen arrested for the fatal shooting of a University of Pittsburgh law student. [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette; KDKA]

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