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Relationship Recognition: Ends, Means, and the Path Ahead

We’re here at the National LGBT Bar Association’s Annual Lavender Law Career Fair and Conference, attending a great panel about relationship recognition (aka marriage equality aka same-sex marriage).

You can access the liveblog after the jump.

Here’s the panel description, from Lavender Law:

Relationship Recognition: Ends, Means, and the Path Ahead

This panel will examine selected developments in the struggle for marriage equality for same-sex couples. Top scholars, litigators and legal strategists will discuss state legislation, such as that which was passed in a number of Northeastern states (including Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and the District of Columbia), Maine’s subsequent repeal initiative and Proposition 8 in California, as well as the DOMA repeal bill pending in Congress and President Obama’s memorandum on hospital visitation. Further, we shall examine state court cases (such as Varnum v. Brien in Iowa), and federal court cases, such as pending challenges to DOMA (Gill v. OPM and Commonwealth v. DHHS) and Proposition 8 (Perry v. Schwarzenegger). This panel will allow attendees the chance to explore arguments about ideal venues for change, considering the courts, the legislatures, executive branch action, and the frequent interplay among them.

Moderator: Praveen Fernandes

Speakers: Therese Stewart, William Eskridge, Jenny Pizer, Shannon Minter, Tobias Barrington Wolff

Click on the box below to access the liveblog:

Relationship Recognition: Ends, Means, and the Path Ahead [Lavender Law / LGBT Bar Association]

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